Corporate Team Building Ideas Downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin Milwaukee River

Published On August 15th, 2018

Corporate Team Building Ideas for Milwaukee

When people think of booming tech areas they typically think of the coasts – they think Seattle, New York City, and of course, Silicon Valley. The Midwest often times gets left off of these lists, but we think that might all be changing, and Milwaukee could be one of the cities at the forefront of this Midwest tech revitalization. When you think of Milwaukee businesses you’re likely to first think of Harley Davidson, Kohl’s, Northwestern Mutual, and Snap-On just to name a few, but here’s some Milwaukee based businesses you should get used to: gener8tor, Bright Cellars, and GenoPalate. Gener8tor is actually the one leading the charge on this surge in tech startups for the Milwaukee area as they are a nationally ranked business accelerator. We personally are excited to see what the future holds for Milwaukee and these young companies that have either started in or found their places in Milwaukee. Whether you’re an established company or an up-and-coming company, we think it’s important that you get out and enjoy this fine city of ours with your employees for a little corporate team building around the city. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite things to do for a day of corporate team building in Milwaukee!


Axe Throwing Bar

Did somebody say axe throwing? Sign us up! At first glance, this sounds too good to be true. It’s not everyday that you get to combine axe throwing and beer drinking in a safe environment and even have someone show you how it’s done! Well AXE MKE is changing all of that. They’ll let you bring out 48 people for 6 lanes of axe throwing over the course of 90 minutes and all for just $1000! This is their Bullseye Package and it even comes with an axe master to show you a thing or two about tossing an axe. The Bullseye Package also includes catering and beverage package options if you really want to show your employees a great time.

Axe Throwing Bar Milwaukee Corporate Team Building Downtown Milwaukee
Axe MKE is a great way to blow off some steam from the workday.


Duffy Boats and Kayaks

What better way to spend a day kicking around Milwaukee than by hitting the river? Get on the Milwaukee River in the Spring, Summer, and Fall for some light drinking and socializing with co-workers. Duffy Boats are a new addition to the Milwaukee River this summer and they have to be the classiest way to get out on the water. For one, they are fully electric and as easy to drive as a golf cart – great for everyone with limited boat experience. Second, they look amazing, and scream, “first class all the way”. Feel like getting a little more in touch with the river? Poke around the Milwaukee River with a kayak rental from Brew City Kayaks. Both are a great way to enjoy the Milwaukee River and build stronger relationships with employees and co-workers.


Duffy Boat Corporate Team Building Events Downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin
Tour the Milwaukee River with Duffy Boats.


Brew City Kayaks Corporate Team Building Activities Milwaukee River Downtown Milwaukee
See the Milwaukee River by Kayak with Brew City Kayaks.

Pedal Tavern Milwaukee and Paddle Tavern Milwaukee

It’s been a long week and you want to cut loose with your employees and co-workers. Look no further than Pedal Tavern Milwaukee and Paddle Tavern Milwaukee. You bring the beer and we bring the party – whether you want a landlocked tour of some of Milwaukee’s best bars and breweries or a tour of the Milwaukee River – we have you covered. You’ve probably seen us around town, and you know it looks fun and you’ve been dying to try it. Well, now’s your chance and you can spin it to the budget committee as “team bonding” because it is, but it’s also a whole lot of fun and a great way to spend an afternoon!


Corporate Trip Ideas Downtown Milwaukee Milwaukee Pedal Tavern
See Milwaukee from the comfort of you barstool!



Milwaukee River Corporate Team Building Downtown Milwaukee Paddle Tavern
Cruise alongside downtown Milwaukee with Milwaukee Paddle Tavern!

Cheesehead Tours

You can’t go to Milwaukee without taking a Cheesehead tour and you definitely can’t live in Milwaukee having never done it! Enjoy an adult beverage while you take a tour of the facilities. They have cheese heads, foam facts, and stations to make your own cheesehead. If you’re coming with a business, you’ll want to check out The Curd Herd booking option. This option allows for a more personalized tour of the facility as well as personalized molds, customized printing, and make-and-take services.  


Corporate Team Building Ideas Cheesehead Tours Downtown Milwaukee
Take the team out for a Cheesehead factory tour!

Veloce Indoor Speedway

Who doesn’t get a kick out of racing go-karts? Whether you’re Mario Andretti or Phyllis from accounting, one thing we can all agree on is that racing go-karts is a great way to blow off some steam from the being cooped up at work. Someone eat your lunch out of the break room fridge? Give them a little bump! Boss not giving you that promotion that you asked for? Give them a little bump! Even if you love your job and all your co-workers – what a great way to make some memories with your team! The best part about this is that you can do it year-round so take a break from the cold Milwaukee winters with an afternoon of racing go-karts.

Veloce Indoor Speedway Team Building Ideas Downtown Milwaukee
Hit the track with your employees and co-workers!

Milwaukee is taking off, and you’re going to need to recruit and keep rockstar employees in order to compete against companies in Seattle, New York, and Silicon Valley. To do this you’re going to need to treat them right – why not start with a little afternoon on the town? We recommend starting with one from the above list, and seeing where that gets you.