group river cruise



Bring your own beers, grab some snacks, and load up your friends for a couple hours on the Milwaukee River. Milwaukee Paddle Tavern brings the non-stop fun you know and love from Pedal Tavern, and serves it up on the Milwaukee River. Rent a Duffy Boat and be a captain for the day or book a Paddle Tavern tour and let our team handle the boat while you focus on having fun.


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Tour the Milwaukee River by Paddle Tavern or Duffy Boat! Rent a Duffy Boat and bring 12 people out for a cruise on the river or book a Paddle Tavern tour and fit up to 14 people! No matter which you choose, you’re bound to have an unforgettable time exploring the Milwaukee River and seeing Milwaukee in a way that most people never take the time to experience.

Hoan Bridge
The Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge is a tied-arch bridge that connects Interstate 794 in downtown Milwaukee to the Lake Freeway across the Milwaukee River inlet. Construction on the bridge began in 1970 and opened in 1977. The bridge was originally named the Harbor Bridge, but the bridge was renamed after Daniel Hoan, a Socialist, and one of the longest-serving mayors of Milwaukee.

Bronze Fonz Statue
The Bronze Fonz is located on the Milwaukee Riverwalk in downtown Milwaukee and depicts Henry Winkler as “The Fonz”, everyone’s favorite character from Happy Days. The television series was set in Milwaukee. Check out the Bronze Fonz and get a photo with “The Fonz” in a bronze version of his normal jeans, leather jacket, and two thumbs-up.

City Skyline
What better way to see the Milwaukee city skyline than from the Milwaukee River? Catch one of our evening tours and you just might be one of the lucky ones to catch a silhouette of the city from the Milwaukee River. Catch the city like you’ve never seen it before!

New Milwaukee
One of the things that we hear the most from our tours (especially from long-time Milwaukee locals) is that they’ve never seen the city like this. Come on a tour with Milwaukee Paddle Tavern and you’re likely to leave with an entirely new appreciation for the city of Milwaukee. Seeing Milwaukee from the Milwaukee River is an entirely new angle that most people never get to witness – don’t miss this opportunity!

Milwaukee River
Although it sometimes receives little notice, it’s one of the main reasons that Milwaukee is here and is even the reason for how the city received its name. For a while, pollution from agricultural, municipal and industrial sources, let to a host of problems. Today, interest in the Milwaukee River is enjoying a renaissance of sorts, and various groups have joined forces over the past several decades to clean up the river.


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