Here are some of the questions we frequently get asked! Have a question that’s not on here? Just hit the Contact Us button up top and we’ll be happy to help you out!

How many people can fit on the boat?

We can fit up to 14 people on the Paddle Tavern boats and 12 people on the Duffy Boats. Need more? We have 3 Paddle Taverns and 2 Duffy Boats. Call us to book two or more boats,  (414) 261-2425. Need even more room? We can fit up to 96 on our Pedal Tavern (bike pub crawl) tours – same phone number can help reserve boats or bikes.

Is Pedaling difficult on the boat?

No, it’s pretty easy, if you have done our bar bike tours before, you know that small hills can be a bit of a workout, the boats are considerably easier. The river is flat, and we have a 20 HSP motor assisting, bring Grandma along for the ride.

Alcohol / Food / Cooler / Music Situation.

Bring Your Own Bevs! We have 4 built-in bar coolers with ice to cool your drinks down. We recommend cans over glass.
Food is welcome too, the general rule of food is what can you eat one-handed without a napkin or utensil (pretzels, sandwiches = awesome; birthday cake = horribly messy). Plug your phone into our sound system, a good playlist goes a long way.

Where do we launch? How long are the tours?

Paddle Tavern trips are 1 hour and 45 minutes long. We start and end the trips from the docks behind the Harp, 113 E Juneau Ave.

Duffy Rentals launch from the Cooperage Building (new home of Boone and Crockett) @ 820 S Water St. and are 2 hours long.

We do allow for customization for the length of the tour, and custom drop off on non-peak days.

Do you provide the driver? Can we tip them?

Paddle Taverns are staffed with a licensed captain and even a first mate, you guys relax and have fun, we will take care of all the “boat stuff”. And yes they love tips.

Duffy Boats can be self-drive rentals, or you can hire a third party captain service here. Price is $40 per hour.

Self Drive – No boating experience needed. They are as easy to drive as a golf cart. Must be 25+ with a valid drivers license. If you were born after Jan 1st, 1989, you’re required to have your boaters license, which you can complete online for $29, more info here.

How does the trip work? Do we stop at bars along the way?

The Milwaukee River is a gem and full of great river bars to make a quick pit stops. Most of our groups make one stop so they can maximize the “on water time”, but it’s your call how many times and where we stop.

Can we drink while on board?

Yes you can, Bring Your Own Bevs! We have 4 built-in bar coolers with ice to cool your drinks down. We recommend cans over glass, if you have extras at the end of the trip please remember you can’t drink them at the bar. You can tip them to your crew, or throw them in a car.   

How old do riders need to be?

This is a drinking tour, and our insurance policy and the state law requires all riders to be 21+ for the Paddle Tavern. We do allow under 21 on our Duffy Boats!

How do we know if the Paddle Tavern is available when we want it?

Click the Book Now button on the tour you are interested in and select the Available Dates box. First come, first served!

How many people can fit on the Paddle Tavern?

The Paddle Tavern can fit up to 14 passengers! We have 3 boats if you need more than one boat. Please call us @  (414) 261-2425 to make this type of reservation!

What if it rains?

We have roofs and free ponchos. If it’s light rain we party on. If it’s a nasty weather day we will connect with you on the morning of your tour to game plan options: rain checks, delayed start time, or a refund.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel 14+ days prior we will give you a refund. If you cancel 5-13 days, we will give you a rain check to use later in the season, or next season if it’s at the end of the season. Cancellations within 4 days of the tour will not receive any type of refund.

What are the hours of operation?

We run 7 days a week from Mid-March through the end of October. First tours start at 10:00 AM and the last tours of the day go out at 8:30 PM.

How do we pay?

Click the Book Now button to see open time slots – you can see them before entering payment. Our online booking option takes full payment or you can pay half over the phone and the other half upon arrival.

What is the least amount of people needed to operate this thing?

We like to have at least 6 on a boat so it’s not too hard to pedal!